Tuesday, June 26, 2012

When One-Size-Fits-Most Eyeglass Frames Never Fit

I hate shopping for new eyeglasses.  With over 300 million unique faces in the world, you'd hope that there would be a wider variety of fit and form.  Contrary to what frame designers believe, one-size-fits-most doesn't fit a lot of people, especially those with a flat or narrow nose bridge.  Most Asians fall into this category which reduces our selection of frames by practically half because we are limited to metal frames with nose pad arms.  Plastic frames, being the trend these days, means there's even less of a selection of metal/rimless frames.  One website sought to help solve this problem by testing Asian-friendly plastic frames.  You can find them here at Eyewear Envy.  They have done a fantastic job but unfortunately I didn't see anything I wanted there.

Luckily, I found a video on YouTube showing how nose pad arms can be added to plastic frames.  I couldn't find a local repair shop that offered this service but the company that made the video, All-American Eyeglass Repair, has a fast and convenient mail-in repair service.  Not only did they add functionality to my frames, their selection of colored titanium nose pad arms blend in with the frame, making them look like they belong there. 

 So if you have trouble finding frames that fit - frames that don't constantly slide down your nose or ride on your cheeks - I highly recommend either of the two solutions above. 

...Or have someone make you an Opti-Grab a'la Steve Martin in "The Jerk."  :-)

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