Sunday, April 19, 2009

Silkstone Wardrobe for the Obsessive Compulsive

When I first got my Silkstone Wardrobe Case, I ran into a few issues regarding space and organization. In this blog, I list the problems I encountered and the solutions I came up with to fix them. I didn't do an indepth how-to like I usually do for my blogs, partly because it would be too long, and partly because I don't think anyone really wants to know. Of course, if you do have a question, you can leave a comment and I'd be glad to explain something in detail.

None of these ideas require you to make any modifications to the case itself, if you are worried about harming the collectability and value.

EDIT: If you are a BFC Member, I posted detailed instructions on how to make these at in the Doll Customization forum. I'll add them here later when I have time.

Lined Jewelry Drawer

I didn't like the jewelry scratching against the wood bottom of the drawer, getting mixed up and tangled.

The velvet fabric is actually glued to a thin piece of cardboard, cut to the size of the drawer, not glued to the drawer itself. The cardboard keeps the fabric from bunching up.

Sundries Organizer

Stockings and gloves would get mismatched and sometimes it was hard to keep things from popping out of the drawer while closing it.

I made this organizer out of balsa wood. It's made up of 2 large strips (they form an "X" from corner to corner) and 4 smaller strips which intersect each leg of the "X". I notched the strips so that they all interlock with each other. A Dremel is a good tool to have for this project.

Shoe Rack

This is what the shoe rack looks like out of the drawer

I used to keep the shoes just standing in pairs in the drawer but I tended to knock them over when taking them out. When they got mixed up, it was hard to tell which pairs went with what, especially with the black shoes. I ended up having to dump them all out each time.

These shoe racks are also made of balsa, and notched to interlock, similar to the sundries organizer. I was kind of experimenting with numbers which is why the drawer on the left holds six pairs of shoes and the one on the right holds eight. As you can see, the heel takes up less room than the front of the shoes, so I should have made these off center to make better use of space.

Extra Garment Rack and Shelf

I ran out of space on the original rack, plain and simple.

Since I only need one doll slot, I decided to turn the other one into more storage space. I made a structure that would fit the space exactly which would hold the pole, and the top could serve as a shelf. The structure is made of basswood and the pole is a 3/16" wooden dowel. Other tools you will need: a saw, wood glue, paint, drill, paper to line it with.

You can also make a tall structure which could hold two poles, or one with many shelves - whatever configuration you need. If you don't need to carry your doll in the case, you can convert both doll sections to storage. One thing to note is that the depth of that side is not as big as the left side of the case, so that side is not good for poofy dresses or skirts.

Hat Boxes

Babs, holding her hat boxes

Like real hats, I wanted a way to store hats so they wouldn't get smashed, and without tossing them into a drawer or out in the open on a shelf

I made these hat boxes from round paper mache boxes, eyelets, scrapbooking paper, acrylic paint, and yarn. Measure the circumference of your hat, buy the appropriate size box, and then use a Dremel or saw to cut it down to the right height. The yarn is woven through the eyelets in such a way so that it tightens on the lid when the handle is pulled.

Garment Bag

Can you believe there are four petticoats in this garment bag?

Petticoats took up way too much room on the garment rack.

After being frustrated with petticoats, I put them in a ziplock and hung them with a clip-style hanger. That worked out so well I decided to design a simple garment bag. It is made of one piece of fabric for the back, two for the front, and a zipper. You do not have to hang the petticoats on the hanger inside of the bag - just simply put them in the bag itself. If I were to do it over, I would make the bag longer (mine is 6.5") because then you can overlap the petticoats all the way down the bag. That will make the bag take up less room, width-wise.


BECCA said...

khrome... all of your ideas are excellent. Love the hatboxes!

khrome said...

Thank you, Becca! :D

er1ca k said...

I love the garment bag idea! I'm jealous Babs' closet is more organized than my own.

khrome said...

You know what is funny about the garment bag - after I made it, before I put it on a hanger, I realized it looks like a tissue holder. lol

Constance said...

I love what you've done and am definitely going to steal the ideas for the drawers. That is very cool. Upon further investigation, I discovered the wine box trunks. I knew I saved those wine boxes for a reason! What great stuff you do! :o)

khrome said...

Thanks, Constance! I'm glad you found some of this helpful. I love those wine boxes - I still have two sitting around here, waiting for me to not be busy and make something out of them. :-)

Jake said...

This is so amazing! I wish I could do this with my cases, but I'm not talented enough to pull this off.

khrome said...

Thanks, Jake! Oh, it's not too hard, just time consuming. I bet you can do it. :-)