Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Florist Bow Tree Toppers, Take 2

This entry comes a little late but I figure I'd post it anyway. Last year I posted a blog about How to Make Florist Bow Tree Toppers. This year is my first year since I've gotten my own place that I've had anything bigger than a 3-foot tree. I now have a pre-lit, hypoallergenic (read "fake") 6-foot tree. I mentioned in my original post that I didn't have the measurements of the ribbon for a big tree, and now I do. So here it is (see original post for the complete instructions):

6-foot Tree Instruction Mods:

  • One spool of 30 ft wired ribbon, 6 inches wide, makes one bow with two tails
  • Measure 6 to 7 ft of ribbon, then start making your loops. I made 16 loops total on mine. You should then have 6 to 7 ft of ribbon left over for the other tail. You can trim the excess and make them even now or after tying the ribbon to your tree,
  • Instead of an empty toilet paper roll to shape, use an empty paper towel roll
  • Since the ribbon is so heavy, it doesn't keep it's shape as well as the 3-inch wide variety. After I made the waves I wanted by curling the ribbon under the roll, I also used the open end of the roll to push the waves into the branches. The branches act like barbs to help hold the ribbon's shape. It takes patience!

You can also use 3-inch wide ribbon. I just decided to do something different this year and make only one bow that was really wide because I like things big and gaudy like that. :-) But you can also make 2 3-inch wide ribbon bows with 4 tails just like I did on my smaller tree.

I should also mention that I'm not a ribbon-making pro. There are people who have been doing this for years, and for a living, that say you don't need multiple ribbons to have the same effect. There is a woman on ebay who makes beautiful, gorgeous handmade bows so you can do a search for "bow topper" there if you don't want to make your own. They will run you about 40 bucks though.

As far as my old bows from the 3-foot tree - they didn't go to waste. I used them to decorate wreaths I got on sale last year.

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