Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pics: The Huntington Library, Art Gallery, and Botanical Garden

I have added a new album to my gallery - it's of photos that were taken at the re-opening of the newly renovated Huntington Art Gallery, which also used to be home of Henry Huntington, railroad mogul, and his wife Arabella. Tripods and flash were not allowed, so indoor shots may be fuzzy (but I think I'm getting better at them.) :-)

Mr. Huntington was a collector of rare books, and Mrs. Huntington was a collector of fine art. When they passed away, they transferred their property and collections to a non-profit educational trust. The library is now used for academia research, and the art galleries and botanical garden are open to the public. Please see for more info.

It's impossible to get pics of everything at The Huntington in one day, so this album just covers:

  • The Huntington Art Gallery (period furnished rooms only)
  • parts of the botanical garden
  • select manuscripts from the library
  • tasty treats at the Rose Garden Tea Room

More pics next time! :-) Go to Album

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