Saturday, March 8, 2008

Space-Saving Solution for your Sewing Room: Hide-Away Ironing Board

For those of you who aren't familiar with sewing a garment, you use an ironing board A LOT. I don't have very much space for a proper sewing room - it's more of a "sewing corner". For ironing, I had a half-sized table-top ironing board which I put on top of my dining table. My dining table is also where I cut patterns and fabric, so I didn't like that it took up space on it. So I decided to look for ironing board alternatives.

What I ended up getting is a ironing board cabinet by Hide-Away. They have a variety of ironing board cabinets, both surface-mounted and recessed, with different wood finishes. You have the option of getting an electrical unit which has a lamp and outlet built into a timer, a sleeve board, or other accessories.

Customer service said it would be here in 3 weeks, but it got here in 1. :-D There was a slight mix-up with the sleeve board and they sent me one with a dowel that was too short. Also, the sleeve board didn't come with installation instructions so I actually didin't know the dowel was short until I got the instructions. When I finally showed them a picture of what was wrong, they sent out a new sleeve board right away. I didn't even have to send the other one back, so that made up for the month that it took to resolve the issue.

I am extremely pleased with the product. The full-size ironing board stores away neatly and compactly, instead of taking up room in a closet. One part of the shelf is shielded so you can store your hot iron right after you are done using it instead of waiting for it to cool. The light and timer are good for saving electricity if you tend to leave your iron on while sewing (like I do), or even if you don't sew, you can be assured that you won't leave the iron on while rushing to get to work in the morning. I would highly recommend this product for anyone who is low on space, or if you just like things neat and tidy.

Now for the pics:

The cabinet, hidden behind the door

Door closed, cabinet closed

Cabinet open

Board down, lamp on

Board swivels for easy access to both sides

Sleeve board dowel is too short (see gap on left side?)

After I sent the photo of the short sleeve board dowel to Hideaway, they were very accomodating and sent a new one right away. I got it about a week later.

Sleeve board, up

Sleeve board attaches to the cabinet with screws, staples, or nails. The wet spot is lubricant because it squeaks

As you lower the sleeve board, the metal stand swings forward

The main board has a railing (?) it travels along when you put it up and down. This shows it as it's being lowered

I put the iron on the board as a visual reference so you can see how big everything is

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