Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Reflection on Art; and Lulu Store Opens

I have always had a knack for art ever since I was a kid, so my teachers have said. I love making art, so it might be a wonder to some why I became a programmer when I grew up. But I was actually a graphic designer for four years before I had absolutely enough of doing other people's art. I would come up with a concept, create a piece, and then have everyone from every department telling me what to change to make it "better". "That line there should be red." Well... if the line was really meant to be red, I would have made it red, wouldn't I. :-) There is a tao to art, and when something is right, it's just right.

I don't do fine art for a living either because my art is such a personal thing. So much thought, heart, and soul goes into every piece that I can't bear to part with it when I'm done. It's almost like an inkblot of where my mind was at the time - how can one give up a piece of themselves like that.

I don't normally talk about things at such a personal level on my blog but I feel I had to mention this in order to explain the brilliance of Lulu was originally a site for people to self-publish their books. You upload a digital copy, and they don't actually print it until someone orders it. They have recently expanded their services to include art prints, calendars, brochures, manuals, and other printed material. I uploaded a book and an art piece as a test, and both were great quality. I verified with customer service that the paper they use is archival quality.

So I've opened a Lulu store. I don't intend to make bank - in fact, I've only set my markup at $5 over the production costs. Lulu makes a commission, so I am actually making only $4 for every sale. But it doesn't really matter - I just love knowing that people out there like my work. I remember my employers had an art show for the employees, and my co-worker's granddaughters loved my pieces. It's kind of funny but out of all the compliments that day, those meant the most. I think it's because it let me know that I hadn't lost my inner child. The art show also made me realize that I wanted to share my art with more people. Lulu let's me do that, while still holding on to the originals.

Right now, I only have my graphite drawings uploaded. I will be adding select photos from my gallery, digital art, and later, books. I have to get most of the photos and digital art print-ready, which takes time.

My Lulu Store

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