Sunday, March 23, 2008

"New" Artwork - "Avatar"

I completed recreating this piece of digital art, which I call "Avatar", and will be uploading it to my lulu store tomorrow. The original, in all it's 300x500 pixel glory, is way to small to be printed. But back in 1996 when I created it, that was a lot of pixels. ;-) I took the liberty of changing it a little. I think I like both versions equally. /shrug. The original was once used as the background of a rave flyer.

"Avatar" was inspired by cyberpunk novels such as Neuormancer and Snow Crash. In fact, the title "Avatar" was directly taken from Snow Crash by Neil Stephenson. Did you know that he was the first to use that term as a pictoral representation of a user on the 'net? However, in the books avatars walk freely in 3D space and are not just profile icons. And did you know that "cyberspace" was coined by William Gibson in Neuromancer? AND, did you know that movies like the Matrix were directly influenced by these books?

But I digress. Oh yes, artistically "Avatar" was influenced by the movie TRON. Simple, vibrant, and clean. Art today has so much going on in it. Sometimes it's nice to look at a barren landscape and see the possibilities.

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