Saturday, February 23, 2008

"Flower and Stripe Bun Cover" crochet pattern

In my blog entry lüm Bun Covers are Out the Door! I mentioned my intention to sell my handmade bun covers on the web. I was creating a .NET website which would have interactive images so you can design the color of your bun cover, and a shopping cart feature, but my Crafter's ADD took over and I never finished that project. One of the problems, and this was a little self-discovery, is that I enjoy the process of learning and creating, and once I created the pattern, I lost interest in cranking out more bun covers. So, in order to let go and give closure to this project, I am releasing the pattern to the public. This pattern may only be used for personal or charitable purposes.

Flower and Stripe Bun Cover

Materials Needed
Patons Grace Yarn (
Medium size hair-friendly elastic (Goody, Scunci, etc. w/ no metal ends)
Size 5 Steel crochet hook
Gauge First rnd is 1/2" diameter.
Finished Size 3.5"diameter.

RND 1: Ch10. Join w/slst to first ch to form ring. Slst into ring. Ch4. * Sc around ring. Ch 2. Rep from * 8 more times. Join w/slst to top of first sc

RND 2: Ch 10. Dc in next Sc. Ch7. * Dc in next Sc. Ch 7. Rep from * 8 more times. Dc in next Sc. Ch 4. Trc in top of first Dc.

RND 3: Ch 7. Slst into ch 4. Ch 7. * Slst into Ch 8. Ch 7. Rep from * 8 more times. Slst in ch 8. Ch 4. Trc in ch 8.

RND 4: Ch 6. Slst into ch 4. Ch 6. * Slst into Ch 8. Ch 6. Rep from * 8 more times.

RND 5: Turn work over. Ch 3. * Dc in next Ch. Rep from * until ends meet. Slst into top of first Dc.

RND 6: Turn work over. * Ch 7. Slst into dc 6 Rep from * 10 more times Ch 4. Trc into dc 6.

RND 7: Ch7. Slst into ch 4. Ch7. * Slst into ch 8. Ch7. Rep from * 9 more times Ch 4. Trc into ch 8.

RND 8: Ch 11. Slst into ch 4. * Ch 11. Slst into ch 8. Rep from * 9 more times Ch 6. Trc into Ch 8.

RND 9: Ch 7. Slst into Ch 6. Ch 7. Slst into Ch 12. Rep from * 10 more times Slst into Ch 1

RND 10: Ch 5. Hold elastic behind work. * Sc into Ch 4, behind the elastic. Ch 3. Sc into Ch 4 in front of the elastic. Ch 4 Rep from * until ends meet. Slst into Ch 1, tie off work, and weave ends into work.

Elastic ties, ribbon, or yarn can be used in lieu of hair elastic.

PS You don't have to use that yarn, but I didn't know what size it was, so I figure I'd just link to it. It's bigger than size 10 - about 2mm in width, 100% mercanized cotton.. If you use smaller yarn, your cover will be smaller, but I'm not sure by how much.

This what the back of work looks like before and after elastic is added:

Diagrams (added 12-23-2009)

I know there is a "real" way to do diagrams, using symbols to represent the various stitches but I'm not familiar with it. So please excuse my crude diagrams. The design is very simple to do and I think the written instructions above might make it more complicated than it really is. Hopefully the diagrams will clarify the beginning of the written instructions.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this pattern - can't wait to try it! I am so with you about the crafter's ADD - like you, I love to create something & make one or two varieties, but to make enough to sell is a whole other task and takes the fun out of it.

It's the creating that's the fun of it -- not mass marketing.

khrome said...

Thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog! Let me know if you have any questions about the pattern.

After talking to a few people, I've found there are two schools of thought - those like us, that like to create, and those who like to do the mass market thing. For them, it's therapeutic. I can see that - I guess that would be kind of like what playing music or practicing taichi is to me. It's repetitive but relaxing. :-)

Anonymous said...


I love the way this looks, but am having difficulty on the first round. Just out of curiosity, how many loops should there be on the first round? Can you email me at, or crazypixie on ravelry.

khrome said...

Hi Crazypixie,
I believe you've caught an error!! So sorry about that. I've changed the instructions for round 1 to repeat 8 times, not 11. I'll send you a closeup pic to your email.

Crochetnutt said...

I am not understanding the first round. rnd 2 says to dc in next dc. But there is no mention of dc is in rnd 1.

khrome said...

Hi Crochetnutt,
Sorry for the delay - you are correct, that is a typo. It is suppose to be "sc" not "dc". Thanks for letting me know - I have fixed it. Also, check out the new diagrams that I uploaded - they might be more useful than the written instructions. :-)

Anonymous said...

floweer and stripe bun cover
Sorry but I am having problems. diagrams you start with 10 stitches in ring and chain 4. Then you show 11 slipsitchesfor a totsl of 12 posts each seperated by aa single crrochet. The pattern says different .Do you mean scc when you put slipdtith? Also how maany petals are in the first round? I understand the patteren I think after that but can't figurer out how many petals Im to have and how to get the post in round 2

khrome said...

Hi Anon,
Sorry for the confusion. I do see that the pattern and images are not matching up. It's late here, though, so I will take a look at one of my bun covers and give you a definite answer tomorrow. Just letting you know I got your message! :-)

khrome said...

Hey Anon, sorry for the delay. I had trouble finding my bun cover. So it seems the written version is incorrect. I believe you would end up with a total of 10 posts when it should be 12. That would result in a total of 12 petals, as well.

To get the post in round 2, on the last petal instead of chaining 8, you would only chain 4. Then use a Trc to complete the round. So for the last petal, the trailing yarn is in the middle-top of the petal instead of where it joins to the other petal. I hope this makes sense - let me know if I need to clarify anything. :-)

sparkie925 said...

thank you for the nice hair bun!
keep up the great work!
deb y

khrome said...

I'm glad you like it, Deb Y! Thanks for taking the time to leave me a comment. :-)

Michele said...

Thank you for such a simple design. My youngest wanted a bun cover, but all we could find have been thick ones made from yarn. She's been helping me select design ideas to create our own. I'm one of the mass producers, lol, soI am always looking for new stitches to try, and this gavw me a starting point.

khrome said...

Hi Michele,
Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment. Best of luck to you and your daughter in creating your own designs! I forget if I've mentioned this, or in my other bun cover blog, but a good starting point are patterns for doilies or tablecloths. If you find a circle-shaped piece of the pattern that you like, you can adapt the number of stitches so that the circle ends up being about 2 to 3 inches, and then continue with the same count from the last round to create the "wall" of the cup in a simple net design. That's pretty much how I derived this pattern.
- K