Sunday, June 8, 2008

Book List

This post is for tracking the books I've read. Everytime I update it, I bump up the date to the current date.

As of 2009, I will use Goodreads to track my books.

Completed in 2008:

  • "365 Tao: Daily Meditations" by Deng Ming Dao (daily)
  • "Soulforge" by Margaret Weis

  • "The Lady's Guide to Perfect Gentility" by Emily Thornwell

  • "Gothic & Lolita Bible Volume 1" by Various Authors

  • "Book of Hours: Illuminations by Simon Marmion" Simon Marmion and James Thorpe

  • "Brothers in Arms" by Margaret Weis

  • "Gothic & Lolita Bible Volume 2" by Various Authors

  • "Seven Taoist Masters: A Folk Novel of China" by Eva Wong
  • "Gothic & Lolita Bible Volume 3" by Various Authors
  • "Ganna Walska Lotusland: The Garden and its Creators" by Sharon Crawford
  • "Nutcracker" by E.T.A. Hoffman
  • "Gothic & Lolita Bible Volume 4" by Various Authors

Completed in 2007:

  • "A Wind in the Door" by Madeleine L'Engle
  • "Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl" by Anne Frank
  • "Inside the Robot Kingdom: Japan, Mechatronics, and the Coming Robotopia" by Frederik L. Schodt
  • "The New Sewing Essentials" by the Editors of Creative Publishing International
  • "Stardust" by Neil Gaiman
  • "The Golden Compass" by Phillip Pullman
  • "The Subtle Knife" by Phillip Pullman
  • "The Amber Spyglass" by Phillip Pullman

Completed in 2006:

  • "The Neverending Story" by Michael Ende
  • "Bridge of Birds: A Novel of an Ancient China that Never Was" by Barry Hughart
  • "Dragonsong" by Anne McCaffrey
  • "Dragonsinger" by Anne McCaffrey
  • "Dragondrums" by Anne McCaffrey
  • "Godel: A Life of Logic" by John L. Casti
  • "V for Vendetta" by Alan Moore and David Lloyd
  • "Memoirs of a Geisha" by Arthur Golden
  • "Coraline" by Neil Gaiman
  • "Paper Biscuit: Froggs's Lament" by Ronnie Del Carmen
  • "Paper Biscuit: Half Life" by Ronnie Del Carmen
  • "Healing Eczema" by Christina Sands
  • "365 Tao: Daily Meditations" by Deng Ming Dao (daily)
In Progress and Misc:

  • "Northanger Abbey" by Jane Austen (in progress)

  • "Catch 22: Dress Forms & Fitting Secrets Revealed" by Massimo Barra & Jill Ralston

Didn't finish - may revisit later:

  • "The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying" by Sogyal Rinpoche (not in the right frame of mind)
  • "The Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown (got bored)
  • "Society of Mind" by Marvin Minsky (outdated so hard to get into)


Post changes:

July 11, 2006- Changed subject from "Reading List" to "2006 Book List" because this now includes audio books.

Feb 28, 2007 - Removed "2006" from subject line because this will now contain all years.

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