Thursday, August 9, 2007

6th Sewing Project - Empire Dress

Simplicity 3777 -

Wow, this was a tough project! This is the first pattern I've done that didn't have "Easy" stamped on the cover. The view that I made required 12 pattern pieces which yielded 15 fabric pieces. The most any of the other patterns I've done was 7. This was also the first time making a fully lined bodice. This can be confusing because basically you are putting together all these layers inside out, and you are suppose to be able to flip it and all the seams will be nice and tidy. Easy in theory, hard in practice. Several times, I ended up sewing the pieces the wrong side up. I made good use of my seam ripper in this project, yup.

After much patience, in the end I was happy with the results. There is not one raw edge on this sucker. I even used French seams on the skirt. Of course, there are imperfections here and there, but small ones (I can't stand the big ones, so I end up taking it apart and doing it until it's right.)

Things learned:

  • How to fully line a bodice and sleeves
  • How to make French seams
  • How to make gathers
  • How to make darts
Foot attachments used - overcast stitch, narrow hem, zipper, and standard.

I love the floral fabric I got from Joann's. It's reminiscent of the classical loli dresses in my previous blog. When I got home with it, I realized that it was made in Japan so I can't help but think it was made for the lolita fashion market. For the contrast band, I used a fabric from a local craft store. It's pink with s subtle scroll design. Both are 100% cotton. For the lining, I didn't want to use polyester - it's too scratchy. I used a cotton fabric with a white-on-white design that I got from Joann's.

Here, you can see the lining, hanger loops, and zipper.  The bodice lining is darted.

French seams, and overcast stitch between the two fabrics, and the French Seams.

The front of the dress which has gathers on the bodice, skirt, and sleeves. These are not elastic gathers - these were harder to make.

Me, wearing the dress

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