Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Third Sewing Project - Hello Kitty top

My third sewing project was Simplicity 4223.  I was trying to pick patterns in the order that I thought were difficult, and in hindsight I probably should have picked a dress pattern instead of a shirt.  What made this project difficult was that it's a semi-fitted shirt, and I have odd measurements.  I made two practice shirts out of muslin in different sizes before I finally figured out I needed to customize the pattern.  I am undoubtedly shaped like a pear.    Another problem were sleeves - they are a lot more difficult than they seem.  I had to rip the seams out several times before I finally figured out how to do them.  But in the end, I was pretty happy with how it turned out, and also discovered why store-bought clothes always never look right.  It was because of my non-standard measurements.  And when your clothes don't fit right, YOU look out of proportion when in actuality it is the CLOTHES that are out of proportion.  As you will see from the pics, with a shirt made to my measurements, I hardly resemble the pear that I am. 

I used Hello Kitty printed cotton fabric and burgundy satin ribbon.  Using the ribbon as a trim on the sleeves and hem were my idea - it was not part of the pattern.

New things learned:

  • Modifying a pattern to my measurements
  • Using a staystitch
  • Using fusable interfacing
  • How to make frog closures
  • Making a turned and stitched finish 
  • Easing a sleeve
  • Using a bias binder foot

kittyshirtflat.jpg My finished shirt

kittybuttons.jpg Closeup of frog closures.  These are faux Chinese knots - the pattern called for a shortcut.  Real Chinese knots take a lot more fabric to make. 

kittysleeve.jpg Overedge stitching where the sleeve joins the body.

kittyfinish.jpg The vertical seam is finished with a turned and stitched finish.  The satin hem was applied with a bias binder foot.

happyfeet.jpg Happy Feet!  My ever growing foot collection.  In this project I used three of them.

kittywearing.jpg kittyshirt_200.jpg Me, wearing the shirt

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