Sunday, May 6, 2007

First Sewing Project - Shawl

First the idea - I was in need of a dressy coverup for evening wear.  I hate shopping for clothes, especially if I'm only going to wear it a few times, so this was a perfect opportunity to use my new sewing machine I got back in October.  I was in Nordy's and saw this lucious shawl, and then I saw the price tag - $99 for cashmiere - shyah!  I went to Walmart and bought a plush light pink flannel, and black beaded trim for $13 and went at it.

 I don't have a designated work area, so the dinner table will have to do!

 Here, I have the trim, front, and back pieces partially basted.  Lots of measuring and rechecking my work to make sure it ends up perfectly rectangular.  It would be nice to get one of those mats with the ruler lines to make this go faster.

 This is after all my seams were sewn.  I think I did pretty good for my first try - there's only puckering in one little spot, and I had to rip the seam out only once because it as all crooked. 

 I drew my rhinestone pattern in Photoshop by hand. In this pic, I'm about halfway done with applying the hot-fix rhinestones to the transfer sheet.  For details on how to make your own rhinestone patterns, check out my other blog entry

 Here is the rhinestone pattern, after ironing it on.  I used a Bejeweler for a few stones that didn't stick.  For my initials, I used Curlz MT font so that is would match my custom purse by Mimi

Materials used:2mm Rose, 3mm Light Rose, 4mm Light Rose Swarovski Crystals;  3mm hot-fix Metal Rhinestuds; faux pearl fixed with fabric glue.

 Voila!  (pay no mind to the unfashionable plaid jammie shorts.) :)  Since there are two layers, it's nice and warm, and plushy soft on both sides!  Depending on how I drape the shawl over, the design can be on the right or left side.

My first sewing project was a positive one, so I'm looking forward to tackling a more complicated project soon! 

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