Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Classical Loli Fashion

I put together a slideshow of my favorite loli genre, Classical Loli. I collected these images in 2007, but I'm not sure what seasons they came out.

Lolita fashion is a style and subculture that originated in Japan. I first heard about it from my friend, who sent me a link to gothic lolita styles (we were both very into Victorian fashion since junior high, so this was right up our alley!) Since then, I researched all the various subgenres, and was naturally drawn to Classical Loli. Sweet Loli came in a close second. Unfortunately, it's very hard to get these dresses in the US. It's easier to get Gothic and Sweet Lolita dresses because they are more popular. So one of these days, I hope to get good enough at sewing to make my own.

Now on to my inspirations! You can click to pause the pics and see what label makes it. Enjoy

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