Monday, February 12, 2007

Warcraft fan-art at CafePress (updated)


I'm reposting this because I just got this pic of MMTT Supermodel, Adam, sporting moomoo taur-taur at Fashion Week (in Iraq)

Woot!  Bring on the horns!


I just checked my CafePress account that I put up last month and I've already had some sales!  The pic I put up is of a World of Warcraft tauren, done in cute Hello Kitty style.  This is what a tauren usually looks like (it's a bipedal cow or bull, basically. ie "centaur")

And this is my cute-ified character, moomoo taur-taur


It is meant as a sort of joke because people that will pick a horde character are not into anything fluffy or cute.  So to cute-ify a tauren would make them reel in disgust.  teeheeeheeeheee  (I eveel.)

Anyway, moomoo actually started off as Hello Tauren with a red bow, but that was too close to copyright infringing Hello Kitty that CafePress wanted nothing to do with it.  So I made some changes, and this passed inspection.  I never intended to market moomoo products.  The logo was actually a very small portion of a fan-art piece I did -

I never finished coloring the pic, and shelved it.  But I did show it to my guild and someone said "I'd wear that shirt" and I thought well why not get it printed on a shirt!  Thus, the moomoo taur-taur CafePress site was born -

It says base price for limited time, but I doubt I'll ever increase it.  Not unless there's a rediculous amount of sales.  It's cool just having people walking around wearing your logo!

Oh, and if you're interested - this is the part I did color.  I sketched it on paper first, and did the inking and coloring  in Photoshop.  I was trying to do it comic book style.  I usually do either fine art OR graphic design, but this was kind of in the middle and new territory.  I learned a lot, and it was fun.  Maybe one day I'll complete the picture.

ETA: The fan-art piece was suppose to be a beach scene which I was going to send to Blizzard in the summer.  In the background was going to be the water, and the murloc and gnome.  Murlocs are pesky little beachside critters that you would normally kill.  But here, the murloc thinks the gnome is SEXAY.  The character on the left is a human.  Other than the Hello Tauren logo, her outfit was inspired by Victoria's Secret PINK! collection.  The night elf, in the foreground is the hawt race in WoW.  So when I drew her, I had Victoria's Secret hawt Brazillian model, Adriana Lima, pose. ... in the catalog, not in real life.  :) 

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