Monday, January 29, 2007

What's on my LifeDrive

This is a list of software that I run on my LifeDrive.  Ever since the Handspring Visor, I've been turning these PDA's into mobile computers comparable to UMPC's at a fraction of the cost, just by extensively testing and choosing the right software to run on them.  UMPC's have come a long way but still have issues with battery life and usability.  I would love to test a Sony Vaio UX, but judging from the reviews I've read it may have a ways to go - too much to warrent the $2000 price tag!

So I'm posting my software here for you Palm OS users.  For each software type, I've tested several software demos from different companies, but I am only listing my recommendations.  If you want to know what software I tested for a specific category, feel free to send me a message.  Most of the demos I got were from Handango, Palm Store, PalmGear, and Tucows.

Office Software
Database - SmartList to Go (used to be ThinkDB and was bought by Dataviz)
Documents - Documents to Go by DataViz - supports MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Adobe PDF (although PDF support needs work)
Projects - Project@Hand supports MS Project

VPN client - Mergic VPN
Remote Desktop client - RemotePlus
Remote File Access - WiFileLT
FTP client - mFTP
(I actually did the beta testing for the LifeDrive port.  It works great!)
SSH client - pssh
Web Browser - Blazer
(I chose this browser back on the Visor, and today it is still the best.  Now comes with the LifeDrive.) 
IM client - Still looking!  VeriChat used to be the IM of choice, supporting AOL, ICQ, and Yahoo, but now they are out of business.. If anyone has a recommendation, please write me.

Video Player - TCPMP
DVD Compression - Pocket DVD Wizard
(this is run on your computer, not your PDA.  If you download it, check the name because there is another software out there with a similar name.  I bought it by accident and was lucky I was able to return it.)
Music Player - pTunes
Audio Books - Audible
Album - TCPMP or Media
(Media comes with the LifeDrive)

Keyboard - Palm Universal Folding Keyboard

And now, here are some pics of my LifeDrive doing neat stuff!

Here is the keyboard and PDA size compared to a quarter.  The keyboard folds to half it's own size:

Using remote desktop to view my laptop screen on my PDA:

Using SSH to connect to a UNIX server:

Using VPN to access network drives:

Using VPN and remote desktop to control a Windows server at work

Using TCPMP to watch Spirited Away:


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