Saturday, January 20, 2007

ACWW: Masquerade Party by Meryl of New York

I had so much fun at the masquerade party today, although I couldn't stay long because I lagged out!  I got a Meryl Couture custom costume made - I was a Dreamgirl from the movie "Dreamgirls". 


Meryl gave all of us our costumes early.  When it was party time, I put on my mask and headed for the gate  When I arrived I was amazed by the landscaping I saw!  A wide brick road, flanked on either side by a waterway, flowers, and cherry trees.  A fashionista flag flew above (reminding me a lot of a Nagel painting), and the festive music and sounds of fireworks filled the air! 


I explored the surrounding areas which had more brick pathways lined with colorful flowers.  My pics came out fuzzy, but trust me - it looked awsome!


And we got together on the bridge to take a group shot


We played a couple of round of hide and seek, party favors were given out, and a good time was had by all.  Then I lagged out!! 

Thanks for the good time, Meryl! 

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