Wednesday, January 10, 2007

ACWW 7 week update

It's been 7 weeks since I've started playing Animal Crossing: Wild World on Nintendo DS, and thought I'd post an update. 


After working the first couple weeks on stocking the museum with winter bugs and fish, I started concentrating on my HRA rating.  I'm now at 109k, and I'm working on getting the three-story house model.  I have 4 rooms (not including the bedroom) but only one complete furniture set - the Snowman set. 

Main room with Snowman set, Ivory Piano, Big Festive Tree, 3 models, hamster, and friend pics.  The Snowman set is my least favorite set, but it gets me HRA points..  I can't wait to get rid of it!

Room with mostly Classic furniture and bonsai collection

Room with mostly Exotic furniture.  I try to Feng Shui my rooms, but this one has the most "balance".  I use the screen to conveniently hide my unsightly turnips.  I keep them on the table to keep them from going bad. 

This is my newest room, and as you can see is quite sloppy.  It's mostly Regal and Lovely furniture. 



My landscaping was inspired by Ganna Walska Lotusland in Santa Barbara.  It's a beautiful garden that was part of the estate of a silent film actress.  When she died, it was preserved and opened to the public.  Anyway, my town is nowhere NEAR Lotusland - like I said, it was "inspired by". 

This is the main flower garden, where I hope my strategic placement of flowers will yield hybrids!  It is surrounded by a hedge and has cobblestone paths

This is my maze garden.  At the four corners and the center will be money trees.  Right now, I have fruit trees as placeholders.  I won't plant money trees until I meet with Katrina to wipe out my bad luck.  I'm just superstitious like that!

This is the hybrid garden. My hybrids are currently in storage until the cedar trees are fully grown.  I wanted to plant trees around this garden to prevent people from running over my flowers!  In the center is a little lilly pond.

I also used the pool pattern in front of the museum.  It's still a work in progress.  I still have to draw ripples, and draw an alternate top piece with no lillypad.




I figured out the right settings for my camera to take better pics of the game, so I re-did the shots from my last post.  Since then, I also created another dress called "Tiered Navy".  Oh, and Cynde got a new 'do when Shampoodle opened. 

The Winter Coat and Santa Hat will be going away soon to make way for my new spring collection so come and get it if you want it!   




These are my patterns. Although the landscaping ones look similar to other patterns out there, I made them myself from scratch.  Some are still works in progress.

Dress patterns

Landscaping Patterns


Visiting "home"

Yes, my town is called "home" because I was dumb and told the the cabbie that's where I wanted to go when he asked.  But apparently, a lot of  people named their town "home" so I guess I don't feel too bad!  Anyway, when visitng, here are the rules:

Please do not run over or pick flowers in the Hybrid Garden or Flower Garden (see my pic of the map).  Other flowers around town are free for the picking/destroying

Please do not dig up any cracks.

Please do not step on the crack in the northwest corner because it is my mandatory Pitfall Seed.

Feel free to purchase from the stores

Feel free to take patterns.  I have patterns on different characters, so if you want something specific, let me know so I can get it ready for you.

Feel free to take fruit to complete your own town.  Please do not take fruit if you are trying to make fast cash

Feel free to fish or catch bugs

If you accidentily pick up a pattern, let me know.  I won't get mad - it happens to me all the time.  I just want to know so I can replace it quickly.

I don't have a huge catalog, but if you need to catalog something just let me know so I can get those ready for you.

That's pretty much it!  I usually play after 5pm PST.  If you'd like to visit, send me a message with your Friend Code.


Jessica_08 said...

I wanna get a santa hat... :)

khrome said...

Hi Jessica, Unfortunately we have a different kind of wireless network now and my DS doesn't work with it. :/ I'm hoping to get the attachment for my laptop so I can use my DS online again. If that ever happens, I'll make you a santa hat. :-)