Thursday, November 30, 2006

Fashion Design in Virtual Worlds

I've recently started playing two simulation games that allow you to create image maps for clothes.  Yay I can fashion design!

So the first game is Animal Crossing: Wild World for Nintendo DS.  I decided to do a line of Japanese gothic lolita fashion (since I love that style but don't buy them in real life cuz I have nowhere to wear them to.)  These pics are heavily magnified so they look kind of pixelated (kind of hard to take pics of a screen so small!)  I show the pattern, the pattern on a dress, and the pattern on a parasol.  To design patterns for Animal Crossing, you do it in-game with a very basic editor, pixel by pixel!

Girly Pink
Basic pink dress, white eyelet trim, white apron


Lace N Bow
Satin pink dress with white lace trim and white satin bow at waist.


Black velvet dress with corset top and white petticoat


Velvet Lolita
Burgundy velvet (looks red in pic) with lace trim, satin bow at collar, and white petticoat


Winter Coat and Santa Hat
Red coat with white poofy trim and white puff ball tie.  Matching santa hat.  Special outfit for winter!  I might work on a boy version too.


If anyone wants these designs, send me a message with your FC and I will contact you when I open my gates.  I don't have my FC set up yet, but will soon.

Second Life

The other outfit I designed was for Second Life.  To design for SL, you need a image editor like Photoshop and some basic knowledge of 3D wireframe mapping.  After creating your maps, you upload them to the site.  But it costs in-game money to upload, so I probably will not be designing many things - I don't intend to pay for membership to the site.  I do like how they allow you to be creative though.

This is a Pink and Black Colorblock top and skirt with Hello Kitty screen print.  Faux leather belt and flared leg warmers.  ETA - I also made the black platform shoes with pink stars.

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