Monday, July 3, 2006

Recommendation: Mimi's Sewing Boutique

I'm a gadget freak, and I've always had a problem finding bags with enough pockets to keep everything from jumbling around in it.  I don't buy a new purse that often, but when I do the ritual is a pain.  The bag must be under a certain size, must contain X amount of pockets of Y and Z size, and must somewhat nice looking.  I would buy a bag, use it for about a week and find out it doesn't work for me.  Then it goes into the closet to wait for someone to liberate them from me (usually my mom or Salvation Army.)  This ritual has earned me the title of "bag lady" by my close friend.

I started my quest on eBay, searching for "pink black bag".  After sifting through tons of bags, I saw these really nice custom diaper and knitting totes made by Mimi's Sewing Boutique.  I went to her website and found out she made purses too.  I started conversing with Mimi (Melda) who was very responsive, professional, and accomodating.  I gave her the dimensions of my gadgets, and she worked those sizes into her purse design.  I got to pick my purse style, fabrics, monogram, handle type, and closure type.  Melda quoted me 3 weeks but she actually finished it under a week.

Today I received my purse!  I was immediately impressed by the craftsmanship and attention to detail.  Melda uses decorator fabrics, so the bag is very sturdy.  Best of all, my gadgets fit perfectly, with plenty of room to spare in the middle..  The design is such a nice change from urban messenger bags or padded electronics bags - even lunch pails - that I've used as purses in the past.  Melda's nitch are mom's and crafters, but I think she can add a new one - the office girl. 

I'm pleased with the results, as well as the entire process working with Melda.  I would definitely recommend her, and would buy from her again.  And now for the pics -

Custom CDC Bag by Mimi All my junk Nice and organized

Here are Melda's links:

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