Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Recommendation: Kodak EasyShare Gallery

If you haven't discovered Kodak's EasyShare Gallery - it's great.  In the digital age when people are printing pics at home, photo developing places need to come up with a way to stay in the game.  Kodak, IMO has made a really good move by providing printing services on items you can't print at home, like books, canvas, mugs, shirts, etc. 

I can't vouche for shirts as I think they can only print on white, therefore you can get the same service at cafepress.  But I can vouche for their 20"x30" posters, photo books, and calendars. 

Turnaround time was a week for my photo book.  Photo books are a great way to preserve your digital pics in print.  Here was the results of my Hearst Castle photo book:

Cover is leather (you have your choice of linen, leather, and faux leather) with a window cut-out.  There is a sheet of vellum between the cover and first page:

Different pre-defined layouts incorporate text and pics

I also had a calendar made from family pics.  The paper is good quality but my only beef is that it's not standard calendar size - it's 8.5"x10" when folded.  I also wish it were stapled instead of spiral bound.  Nevertheless it still came out really nice (sorry, no pics.)

EasyShare's main purpose is to share pics with other people and allowing them to order prints for themselves.  Ever have a family function and everyone asks you for reprints of photos?  Now you can tell them "go to the website!"  :)  When you or your friends order prints, it comes on thick photo-quality Kodak stock rather than the thin stuff you can get for your printer.

Here is the link

Remember, it is always better to take your pics in the highest resolution possible if you want them printed at any size larger than 4"x6".  So check your camera manual on how to set your resolution.

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