Saturday, March 18, 2006

How to get a Brazillian Butt Lift on a Budget

I was watching Dr. 90210 the other day, and this woman wanted a Brazillian Butt Lift. It's like a boob job for your behind, usually done by liposuctioning fat from some other part of you and inserting it in your butt cheeks. Anyway, this woman talked about how she's tried all sort of things before resorting to surgery, like doing squats a million times a day. Well no wonder why it wasn't working for her! Squats strengthen the back of your thighs, and if you are doing it correctly (by tilting your pelvis slightly inward to avoid lower back injury) then you will actually succeed in making your bum FLATTER.

Rather, you should be doing this exercise instead. It kind of looks like a ballet move. Stand straight, and while trying to not move your upper body, lift one leg behind and away from your body. Do not bend your knee. Do you feel it in your butt cheek? Good! Now you can isolate that muscle. Squeeze it and hold! Rinse and repeat. Do both sides equally, or you'll end up with an ASSymetrical butt.

Also you can round out your butt and hips even more by doing the same thing, but lifting your leg straight out to the side. Now the muscle that you will isolate is in the hip area.
When you do these exercises for the first time, don't worry that you can't lift your leg off the ground much. You will be able to lift higher over time, but it actually doesn't really matter how high your leg is.

You can do these exercises anytime you are standing around, like while washing dishes or something. Follow my instructions, and you'll be sporting a booty like JLO's in no time. I offer these tips from the kindness of my heart, but I do take donations - please send your money to my PayPal account. Thank you and come again!

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